E.S. Fox Limited’s Engineering Department provides Design Engineering, Virtual Construction, Total Station Services, CAD Services, and Welding, Manufacturing, and Metallurgical Engineering services. E.S. Fox Limited has extensive engineering experience found in the ISO 9001, CSA N299, and CSA N285.0/NCA-4000 programs; ranging from conventional piping to Class 1 Nuclear components. Our Engineering team’s commitment and goal is not just to complete the project on time, but also to add value to your project in the most efficient manner possible.


As one of our unique capabilities, E.S. Fox Limited regularly manufactures Cryogenic Cold Boxes for the gas separation industry. These plants often operate at temperatures below -200 degrees Fahrenheit. E.S. FOX LIMITED has manufactured numerous Cryogenic Cold Boxes for manufacturing plants, air separation process plants, chemical plants, refineries, and power generation plants.


Our skilled multi-trade workforce fabricates modules in a controlled shop environment. This results in outstanding levels of quality and lower costs. By integrating our construction expertise into our fabrication techniques, we have the unique capability to supply, fabricate, test, ship, and install process modules. Our work often involves the construction of heavy industrial facilities, power generation stations, and a host of other industrial projects that require stringent “clean-room” conditions.

Piping, Process & Equipment Skids

The fabrication of piping, process skids, and equipment skids (racks) in a controlled shop environment results in higher quality, shorter delivery times, reduced costs, and a mitigation of risks inherent with field construction. E.S. Fox Limited offers custom integrated process skid design and fabrication to create mechanical and electrical skid mounted process systems that are pre-wired, pre-insulated, and ready for field installation, manufactured to meet your specific design criterion. E.S. Fox Limited has two facilities for pipe and equipment skid fabrication in Port Robinson and Kingston, Ontario.

Pressure Vessels

For decades, E.S. Fox Limited has produced pressure vessels varying in size, pressure, and temperature requirements. Each vessel is produced to exacting standards and is verified by our engineering department for strength and capability. Vessels as large as 25 feet in diameter and 250 feet in length are possible within the confines of our fabrication shops. Our cranes have the capacity to lift 125 tonnes.


E.S. Fox Limited is proud to operate three state-of-the-art fabrication facilities across Ontario. Our flagship fabrication facility in Port Robinson offers over 83,000 square feet of production space. We work to the highest standards to produce Pipe Spools, Modules, Cryogenics, and Pressure Vessels. With over 800 weld procedures and 40 quality certifications including nuclear, E.S. Fox Limited continues to be a leader and a symbol of Canadian strength in the supply of Quality Fabrication Services for the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI), and Energy markets for over eight decades.