Our Dedication

When emergencies occur, we offer 24-hour / 7-day emergency services to ensure we can help you deal with critical situations. For assistance, contact our service office nearest to you. An on-call technician will contact you within minutes.


In addition to providing our customers with the highest quality Maintenance Programs available, we also provide design and installation services. We have qualified and experienced HVAC designers on staff who are familiar with all types of mechanical systems. They are often able to resolve comfort problems by analyzing the existing system design and proposing simple changes. These may include system replacement or supplementation to the existing HVAC domestic hot water system. We have expertise in natural gas, refrigeration, piping, heat pumps, boilers, chillers, cooling towers, and sheet metal work. This helps us to look at a problem from more than one point of view. Our knowledge of technologies, such as automated controls, zoning systems, and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) helps us to propose the most appropriate solution, recognizing both budget and technology as it applies to your situation.

Maintenance & Repairs

Regular maintenance helps to ensure mechanical systems remain more reliable, energy efficient, and longer lasting. Reliability, energy efficiency and longevity matter because breakdowns are more expensive than a properly maintained system. As operating costs are constantly increasing, energy optimization and usage is very important. At E.S. Fox Limited, we customize a Maintenance Program for each customer based on the type of equipment and its usage. We follow the manufacturer’s recommended schedule of maintenance for optimal performance. Our Maintenance Programs include seasonal “tasking” to guide our technicians on the specific maintenance needs. Equipment failures requiring parts to be replaced or repaired are always possible. We know that downtime on your HVAC systems may have far reaching consequences affecting employee comfort, safety, and productivity. With this in mind, our first priority is to keep your systems up and running. Our technicians provide and recommend a course of action to resolve problems. They will offer to perform the repair immediately or have a fixed price quotation prepared for approval.

Savings & Incentives

Various government agencies offer incentive programs from time to time in attempt to encourage businesses to replace inefficient equipment with new high efficiency systems that reduce energy consumption. These programs are often funded by the Federal government and are offered for a limited period of time. The applications to participate in these programs can be complicated. We are here to assist with the programs at every stage, including helping our customer’s complete applications and collect their incentive payments as quickly as possible. Incentives have been quite generous and make returns on investment very attractive for customers. In the case of HVAC related energy upgrades, the customer benefits not only from the improved energy efficiency of the equipment, but also from the new equipment being more reliable, complete with a new equipment warranty. Contact our office for a list of incentives currently available.


E.S. Fox Limited’s Preventative, Predictive, and Emergency Maintenance is the key to success in ensuring your equipment exceeds expectations while reducing costs. Our Preventative Maintenance systems are designed to control every aspect of our activity as we service your facility. This guarantees efficiency, enables a significant reduction in energy consumption, reduces breakdowns, and often extends the life of your machinery far beyond established guidelines. Our services include HVAC Preventative Maintenance, Mechanical Repair Services, Refrigeration, Technical Services Building Analysis, Energy Retrofit Projects, and Design Build Installations.