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560 MW Cogeneration Plant

E.S. Fox Limited is well-experienced in the fabrication and assembly of complex Cogeneration/CHP/CHeP systems.

Cogeneration allows you to benefit from two or three forms of energy for the price of one, with minimal environmental impact. These systems can turn clean-burning natural gas into cost-effective, reliable electricity, use steam for production processes, and implement heat for water and building space, or seasonal/process cooling.

With turbine-based generation, you can insulate from spike in market power prices, increase power reliability, lessen risk of process downtime, and create opportunities to sell surplus power.



E.S. Fox Limited specializes in providing everything from project management, to labour, to materials, and services for the design and implementation of microturbine power systems where needed.

These microturbines provide Combined Heat and emergency Power (CHeP), leaving crucial life support safety systems intact, such as safety elevators and fire alarm equipment. During power outages, the systems transition within seconds to a back-up power, islanding mode.

These systems have unlimited power for “Emergency” and “Sustained Occupancy” power,

including elevators, stairway and hallway lighting, fire pumps and compressors, key infrastructure room lighting, hot water and space heating systems and pumps, hot and cold water pumps, sump pumps, and full power to security systems and offices.

Microturbines offer advantages such as the small number of moving parts, compact size, lightweight, greater efficiency, lower emissions, lower electricity costs, and opportunities to utilize waste fuels.


Retube Calandria Face.
Retube Calandria Face.

At E.S. Fox Limited, we provide a fully-integrated, single source of engineering, fabrication, construction, and maintenance for all nuclear markets. We have manufactured numerous nuclear components for projects in Canada, China, Korea, and Romania.

We hold ASME Nuclear Certifications N, NA, NPT, and NS, allowing us to provide fabrication services to the international nuclear market. Our Nuclear Fabrication Capabilities include pressure vessels and piping, feeder tube fabrication, custom steel fabrication nuclear waste containers, feeder cabinets, spent fuel modules, and resin liners.

E.S. Fox Limited’s Nuclear Field Capabilities consist of pressure boundary, environmental qualification field installation, valve maintenance, feeder tube installation, nuclear waste container installation and handling, and radioactive waste management.

Power Transmission

As the demand for power increases worldwide, there exists an essential need to build new networks and reinforce existing power transmission systems. As a leading provider of services in this field, E.S. Fox Limited works to address this need with cost-effective, sustainable, and customized solutions for power delivery techniques and processes.

E.S. Fox Limited develops and implements effective measures to protect the environment and limit the impact of construction activities on landowner properties.

By fusing innovative thinking with practical and sustainable solutions, we help deliver affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy to support economic growth and living conditions everywhere.


Our hydro clients come to us for our ability to blend time-tested hydropower solutions with the latest industry innovations. This combination of quality and creative thinking sets us apart in the industry, whether we are delivering impact assessments, feasibility studies, community engagement programs, or engineering, construction, commissioning and long-term operations solutions.

By applying the latest solutions to the growing number of aging facilities, we can safely and affordably upgrade installations while also enhancing their efficiency. Our expertise includes the refurbishment of electrical and mechanical equipment, operations optimization and complete life extension mandates.

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