Steel Fabrication


With over 800 weld procedures and over 40 quality certifications, including nuclear, E.S. Fox Limited continues to be a leader and a symbol of Canadian strength and tradition in the supply of Quality Fabrication Services for the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, and Power generation markets for over eight decades.

Since 1934, E.S. Fox Limited has been on the forefront of modern welding, brazing, and bonding techniques, and along with our exacting Quality Assurance standards, E.S. Fox Limited has manufactured numerous cryogenic cold boxes for air separation process plants, chemical process modules, pre-packaged module modules for power generation facilities, and nuclear components for both domestic and overseas power generation.

We are certified to work with materials such as carbon steel, low alloy steel, various stainless steels (i.e. austenitic, ferritic, martensitic, duplex, superduplex), super alloys (i.e. Incoloy®, Hastelloy®), aluminum, titanium, copper, brass, bronze, tool steels, various non-metallics (i.e. ABS, PVC, PVDC) and most other exotic materials used in high-tech fabrication of today.

E.S. Fox Limited operates in Pipe Fabrication, Module Fabrication, Nuclear Fabrication, Cryogenics, Piping, Process and Equipment Skids, and Columns and Pressure Vessels.

Our Pipe Fabrication capabilities include process modules, cryogenic cold boxes, and air separation columns.

E.S. Fox Limited’s capabilities in Modules and Vessels include 800 weld procedures, process modules and equipment skids, and cryogenic air distillation. We fabricate separation columns for oxygen, nitrogen and argon, as well as vessels for air liquefaction and air separation. E.S. Fox Limited also fabricates modules and vessels for hydrogen purification, catalyst reclamation and oil and water purification.

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Fabrication Shop

E.S. Fox Ltd. Modular Fabrication Facility, 2015
E.S. Fox Ltd. Modular Fabrication Facility, 2015

Located in Port Robinson, Ontario, less than 20 minutes from Niagara Falls, E.S. Fox Limited has over 83,000 square feet of Fabrication facilities, accessible by both water and road. The Fabrication shop is a multi-trade module yard, which is CWB certified, as well as being an ASME Certified Vessel Shop, and practices UA Label Pipe Fabrication.

Our area of expertise at the Fabrication Shop in high alloy metals are: stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and chrome moly.

The shop is ½ mile from Highway 406 and its extension providing direct access to the Queen Elizabeth Way. It is ¼ mile from the Canadian National Railroad line. We have a heavy barge Roll On/Roll Off dock extending into the Welland Ship Canal turning basin, providing 10’ draught and 400 ton capacity. We have a heavy lift dock of 800 ton capacity, a dock face of 475 feet, and 25 foot draught. Our dock can accommodate maximum Seaway length vessels. This site also incorporates 5 acres of level, well compacted, crushed stone assembly area.

At the Fabrication Shop, our workforce composes of a minimum 6 Quality Assurance personnel, 4 shop foreman, and a minimum of 6 welding/fitting stations with a maximum of 30 stations. The average shop labour is 240,000 labour hours per year, and we complete an average diameter inches of welding between 185,000-200,000 per year, with all business units.