Refurbishment Project Office

Client: Ontario Power Generation
Location: Bowmanville, ON
Trades: N/A
Engineer: Ontario Power Generation

E.S Fox Limited was the EPC contractor for construction of a new 97,000 ft2 Refurbishment Project Office (RPO) to meet the needs of the Nuclear Refurbishment Project for the duration of Refurbishment activities. The RPO is a stand-alone building located in the southwest corner of the DNGS site and provides OPG with the following amenities:
– A secure access point to the DNGS Protected Area for the Nuclear Refurbishment workforce
– A minimum of three hundred offices and supporting features for OPG and Contractor Project Management staff
– A lunchroom including a food storage area for up to 1,100 lunches, with a minimum throughout of 400 people per half hour on staggered lunches
– A secure locker and change room providing work crews with storage for street clothing when working in radiation protection clothing. The change room incorporates a separate storage area for radiological and conventional PPE
– A secure Project Work Site Surveillance Room
– Associated Building Services and Station System tie-ins including Security tie-ins
– Hook-ups/distribution hub for connection and supply of LAN, phone, electrical services, and Public Address for six external office trailers.