Portlands Flood Protection and Enabling Infrastructures

Client: Cherubini Metal Works Ltd.
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Trades: Ironworkers
Engineer: Entuitive

Our Subcontract was for the erection only of (4) new spans (one pictured). The project was developed to reconfigure the Don River run off to facilitate new wetlands and a path for the river to follow, in addition to flood protection for the area.

The (4) spans ranging in weight from 525 tons to 1280 tons were placed as single structures from barges to their associated abutments. The structures were shipped from the Fabricator in Nova Scotia, transported to site via the St. Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes to site. The structures arrived on custom site-specific turntables located on the barges, rotated on the barge and ballasted into place. Some of the spans are to be rolled off the barge with SPMT trailers and transported to their final position using the SPMT trailers. The lightest bridge is 525 tons, and the heaviest is 2,600 tons split into 2 halves at 1,280 tons each.