• Client Geo. A. Kelson Co. (subcontracted to PCL)
  • Engineer MWH Consultants – consultant for Life Support Systems
  • Location Toronto, Ontario
  • Trades Plumbers & Pipefitters


E.S. Fox Limited was contracted by Kelson for the supply and install of all components associated with the Life Support Systems for the new Ripley’s Aquarium at the base of the CN Tower in Toronto. The Aquarium opened to the public in October 2013. Due to its location, deliveries of materials and equipment had to be meticulously coordinated as there was limited space for staging work.The scope of work included:

  • Install all piping (up to 36” HDPE underground 14” PVC and 30”FRP above ground)
  • Install of all equipment including filters, pumps, fractionators, heat exchangers, sumps, towers exhibit sand and gravel
  • Work requires 82,000 hours, including indirect support time.
  • A – Sewer Discharge System
  • B – Salt Water Make-Up System
  • C – Fresh Water Make-Up System
  • D – Shark Lagoon System
  • E – Pacific Northwest System
  • F – Sting Ray System
  • G – Canadian Waters System
  • H – Tropical Reef  & Reef Shark System
  • I – Great Lakes System
  • J – Schooling Fish System
  • K – Cold Water Jellies System
  • L – Warm Water Jellies System
  • M – Koi Fish System
  • N – Horseshoe Crab System
  • P – Arctic Grayling Fish System
  • Q – Sea Anemones System
  • R – Sea Stars System
  • S – Loop Aeration and Sumps System