• Client Transalta Energy Corporation
  • Engineer Delta Hudson Engineering Ltd.
  • Location Sarnia, Ontario
  • Trades Piping, Mechanical, Ironworkers, Carpenters, Labourers, Millwrights


E.S. Fox executed the all-trades installation of three [3] ALSTOM 11N2 Gas Turbines rated at 110 MW each, the all-trades installation of one [1] ALSTOM Steam Turbine, the installation of all Balance of Plant Mechanical Systems and the installation of all Balance of Plant Electrical and Instrumentation Systems associated with the Main Power Island.

The BOP mechanical systems include:

  • Heat transfer equipment including coolers and condensers
  • Process vessels including expansion drum and condensate drum
  • Pumps and drivers
  • Fire protection equipment
  • Water treatment equipment
  • Piperack modules
  • Sewage Treatment building installation
  • Piping
  • Structural Steel
  • In-line Instruments

The BOP electrical systems include:

  • Precast electrical trench system
  • Cable trays external to buildings
  • Interconnecting power cables
  • Interconnecting control, instrumentation and fibre optic systems
  • Exterior lighting and power outlets
  • Heat tracing
  • Isolated Phase bus
  • Instrumentation

The contract scope also included the mechanical and electrical installation of the Joint Venture Assets project on both Dow Chemical and Bayer Chemical plant sites including Degassifier, Air Dryer, Pumps, Piping and Structural Steel.