HVAC/R Maintenance and Service


E.S. Fox Limited Preventive Maintenance is the key to success in ensuring your equipment exceeds expectations while reducing costs.


Our preventive maintenance systems are designed to control every aspect of our activity as we service your facility. This guarantees efficiency, enables a significant reduction in energy consumption, reduces breakdowns, and often extends the life of your machinery far beyond established guidelines.
From conception to design, and with OEM specific maintenance tasking, your goals for your facility are continuously serviced and maintained.


The E.S. Fox Limited Technical Services group creates high quality HVAC preventive maintenance programs for our clients’ with the goals of providing optimum comfort, reliability, energy efficiency and extended equipment life.

In designing a preventive maintenance program for our clients, we take a holistic approach that examines all costs associated with the ownership and operation of the mechanical systems in their facility.

We show our clients that they need to give consideration to repair costs, administration costs, energy costs, productivity losses and replacement costs

Our preventive maintenance systems are designed to control every aspect of our activity as we service your facility. This includes proper documentation of our activities and findings resulting from our task driven maintenance inspections.

Our preventive maintenance programs begin with the very familiar Gold, Silver and Bronze medal designations, but that does not preclude customization of a maintenance program where it is appropriate.

By properly documenting our preventive maintenance activities, trends and recurring issues can be tracked and acted upon.

Our expertise in the areas of system design, installation and service extends to all types and manufacturers of HVAC comfort and process equipment, including:

Rooftop package heating and cooling systems

Chilled water systems, both comfort and production

Hydronic systems including steam boilers

Ductless split air conditioning systems

VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems

Ventilation systems

Water source heat pump systems

Energy recovery systems

Make-up air equipment and systems

Clean rooms and environmental chambers

Computer room systems

Hot water heating and domestic hot water boilers

Cooling towers and fluid coolers

Production burners and ovens

Refrigeration systems

Air balancing and Indoor Air Quality testing

Hot water and portable water systems

Production process piping

Electronic DDC control and monitoring

Backflow prevention testing and certification

Chemical water treatment systems

Conversant with many different refrigeration applications.

Refrigeration systems are an important part of our preventive maintenance programs and are generally critical systems used for food and pharma product storage.

The critical nature of these systems makes preventive maintenance very important so that reliability is optimized and untimely failures minimized.

A TSBA is a complete assessment and analysis of the mechanical systems in your facility, documenting an inventory of equipment, its condition and the remaining service life of each piece of equipment.

ASHRAE provides guidelines with respect to expected service life for all types of heating and cooling equipment.

Measuring equipment against this industry standard helps facility managers budget for major repairs and equipment replacement in advance, helping to avoid unwelcome surprises.

E.S. Fox Limited provides turnkey design/build solutions to problems associated with inefficient, obsolete mechanical systems.

It is not unusual for upgrade and modernization projects to produce savings that pay back the cost of the installation in a relatively short period of time.

Savings are achieved through energy cost savings, reduced repair costs and improved productivity.

Where government and utility grants are applicable to installations, our project managers will assist in justifying applying for the maximum grant available.

•  ES. Fox Limited is your best choice for Design Build project design and management.

•  We provide turnkey solutions to the problems related to your HVAC systems, whether it is a response to a need for, rearranged or expanded space, equipment upgrades or just an improvement for reliability and comfort.

•  Our single source service offerings enable us to reduce the costs normally associated with using several vendors on a single project. This translates into tangible and intelligent cost reductions for your projects and design build initiatives, and complete success in the project implementation.

•  Our designers are experts in all types of mechanical solutions and are always current in their knowledge of the latest technologies related to mechanical systems.