Environmental, Health and Safety


At E.S. Fox Limited each individual is responsible and accountable for safety and has the duty to take immediate, appropriate, and effective action on any safety related matter. This is called the Internal Responsibility System which is an integral component in today’s working world to help maintain the OH&S management system.


At E.S. Fox Limited we strive to “Prevent the Event” both environmentally and while performing our tasks in the workplace.


Our most important asset is our people from the frontline employees to our CEO and it is our safety culture that holds us all responsible.


At E.S. Fox Limited, our employees; clients; subcontractors; and the public are the first priority of consideration before we begin any project. No project or task is performed unless we have evaluated the risk involved, and have in place the required controls to ensure that all workplace parties get home safe at the end of every shift.


Most of all we encourage our employees to participate in our EH&S management systems and communicate any hazardous situations or conditions that may develop while working on our projects. This leads to a stronger Internal Responsibility System and makes our employees part of the solution.


E.S. Fox Limited is proud to have achieved certification in both ISO 14001 Environmental Management system and 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System for our Head Office and Fabrication facility, and applies the principals across our entire organization.


We conduct internal audits of our EH&S Management Systems and communicate the findings at senior management review meetings where we work together to Plan, Do, Check and Act.


E.S. Fox Limited also holds COR certification in several Provinces and is externally audited by the various construction safety organizations to ensure we are meeting the requirements of the management system.


We recognize that to maintain our status as a leader in the construction industry we must continue to network with others within our industry, and with organizations who specialize in workplace safety. E.S. Fox Limited participates in construction labour management committees and has been a member of safety groups for several years. We are also members of the various construction associations across the country.