Project 4


  • Customer: Ontario Power Generation
  • Project Name: Refurbishment of Darlington Nuclear
  • Engineer: Worley Parsons, Tetra Tech, RCMT, AMEC, HSL
E.S. Fox Limited is one of the Prime Contractors involved with Ontario Power Generation on the Darlington Refurbishment Project.  The project transitioned from the pre-requisite phase into the construction execution phase in October 2016 when the first of 4 reactor units was taken off line.  The scheduled duration of the project will span 10 years with a total approved budget of $12.8 billion.


ESFL has provided the Project Management infrastructure to support the EPC contracts for the following projects:

  • Emergency Heat Sink
  • Fire Protection
  • Unique Components
  • Negative Pressure Containment
  • Emergency Service Water
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Adjuster Rods
  • Flux Detectors
  • Fission Chamber
  • Containment
  • Primary Heat Transport System and Auxiliary Systems
  • Steam Generator Emergency Cooling
  • Service Air
  • Low Pressure Service Water
  • Nuclear Systems Dry Air
  • Secondary Systems Dry Air
  • Contaminated Shops
  • Non-Contaminated Shops
  • Work Control Area
  • Radiation Protection Trailer
  • Auxiliary Shutdown Cooling
  • Breathing Air
  • Service Water – Stopple Plug
  • Fuel Handling Power Track

This project will generate thousands of constructions jobs at Darlington with an average of 8,800 jobs per year, and 11,800 per year during the peak periods. The refurbishment of all four units is expected to involve about 30 million hours of work over the 10 year period and will support Ontario’s globally recognized CANDU nuclear supply chain, with more than 180 companies employing thousands of highly skilled workers.  The trades involved in this mega project included: Electricians, Pipefitters, Millwrights, Boilermakers, Iron Workers, Sheet Metal, Carpenters, Labourers and Operators.

Unit 2, which is the first unit to be taken off line, will be return to service in the first quarter of 2020.  The 4th and final reactor unit, following the completion of the refurbishment, will be returned to service in 2026.

Securing clean, reliable power for decades to come is something we at ESFL are proud to be involved in. Darlington provides 20% of Ontario’s power to the province which is enough power to serve a city of 2 million people or, 1 in 5 homes and businesses with virtually no greenhouse gas emissions.