E.S. Fox Limited continues to be a leader and a symbol of Canadian strength and tradition in the supply of Quality Fabrication Services for the Nuclear, Industrial, Commercial and Institutional markets for over eight decades.


Since 1984, E.S Fox Limited has been on the forefront of modern welding, brazing and bonding techniques and along with our exacting quality assurance standards, E.S. Fox Limited has manufactured numerous: cryogenic cold boxes for air separation process plants, chemical process modules, pre-packaged modules for power generating facilities, and nuclear components for domestic and overseas power generation. We are certified to work with materials such as carbon steel, low alloy steel, various stainless steels (i.e. austenitic, ferritic, martensitic, duplex, superduplex), super alloys (i.e. Incoloy®, Hastelloy®), aluminum, titanium, copper, brass, bronze, tool steels, various non-metallics (i.e. ABS, PVC, PVDC) and most other exotic materials used in high-tech fabrication of today.


Our main pipe fabrication shop, located in Port Robinson Ontario is equipped for the fabrication and testing of pipe of any size or material. In addition, we have fabrication shops at each of our other five locations, which handle small diameter pipe work for local markets.

With over 600 in-house developed ASME welding procedures, we fabricate ASME approved pipe to customer’s specifications and every piece carries a UA label, signifying it is union made.

We have extensive experience working with:

Carbons Steel  Stainless Steel  Duplex and Super Duplex  Aluminum  Chrome-Moly Titanium Nickel Alloys Copper  Inconel and Monel

Our skilled multi-trade workforce fabricates modules in a controlled shop environment resulting in outstanding levels of quality. By integrating our construction and fabrication expertise, we have the unique capability to supply, fabricate and test process modules before they are shipped.  Our work often involves the construction of heavy oil facilities, oil sands development, gas plants, power stations and a host of other heavy-industrial projects, including those that require stringent “clean-room” conditions.

With access to the Welland Canal at our Port Robinson Facility which includes our own loading dock, we can ship oversized modules up to 800 tons to any water accessible location in the world.

At E.S. Fox Limited we have successfully completed a variety of modular contracts for delivery throughout the world.

At E.S. Fox Limited, we provide a fully-integrated, single source of engineering, fabrication, construction and maintenance for all nuclear markets. We have manufactured numerous nuclear components for projects in Canada, China, Romania, and Korea.  We also hold ASME Nuclear Certifications N, NPT, NA and NS, allowing us to provide fabrication services to the international nuclear market.

We currently supply:

Parts, components and supports (shop and field) per CSA N285.0 Class 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6

Fabrication per ASME Section III/CSA N285.0, ASME Section VIII/CSA B51, B31, Z 299/N299

Material supply (ferrous and non-ferrous) to ASME Section III and CSA N285.0

Examples of our Nuclear Fabrication:

Pressure Vessels
Spent Fuel Storage Modules
Low Level Waste Containers
Feeder tubes

As one of our specialties, E.S. Fox Limited regularly manufactures Cryogenic Cold Boxes for air separation plants. These plants operate at temperatures below – 200F°; aluminum and stainless steel are used for vessels, piping and instrumentation systems. Special materials, highly specialized welding techniques, documented quality control, and meticulous attention to detail are mandatory since the units cannot be maintained or repaired while operating. By utilizing a “clean room” bay, E.S. Fox Limited is able to control ambient factors when fabricating components such as aluminum pipe spools.

E.S. Fox Limited has manufactured numerous Cryogenic Cold Boxes for air separation process plants, chemical plants, refineries and power generation plants.

In general, fabrication of piping, process and equipment skids (racks) in a controlled shop environment, uninterrupted by climatic conditions, results in higher quality, shorter delivery times, reduced costs and a mitigation of risk inherent with field construction.

E.S. Fox Limited offers custom integrated process skid fabrication to create mechanical and electrical skid mounted process systems that are pre-wired and mounted on a common base to meet your specific design and process requirements.

E.S. Fox Limited has two facilities for pipe and equipment skid fabrication: Port Robinson, and Kingston, Ontario. Both are UA shops and have fabricated racks and skids of varying sizes and dimensions for destinations in North America and throughout the world.

E.S. Fox Limited has manufactured pressure vessels and columns for oil and gas, air separation, pulp and paper and the mining industries.

 Vacuum Degassing Vessels • Distillation Columns Regenerator Towers Steam Accumulators Re-BoilersFalling Film Evaporators Claus Reactors Shift Reactors Hydrogen Columns • Pre-Purifier Vessels DCA and PPU Vessels Flare and Knock out Drum