E.S. Fox Limited proudly participates in a variety of local events raising awareness for causes throughout the community. Events such as the Big Bike Ride for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, as well as the Tug of War and the Christmas Food and Toy Drive with Project Share.

As a company, we often come together to celebrate the great individuals that make up our company. We host summer and Christmas luncheons, golf tournaments, Halloween contests, retirement parties, birthday acknowledgements, Christmas decorating contests, Take Your Kid to Work Day, and also have a baseball team made up of our employees.

With such a committed staff, it is very common to see long-tenured employees spending most or all of their careers here at E.S. Fox Limited. We honour a select group of our staff that has worked with us here at Fox for 25 years or more at our 25 Year Club. These individuals are recognized continually for their efforts and contributions to our company.

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